Our Partners Raise Hygien Practices to A New Level | First Group
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First Group partners raise hygiene practices to a new level

First Group, a leading resort and hotel chain with popular destinations around South Africa, Namibia and United Kingdom, is preparing to protect its staff and guests in a remarkably unique way, when they (hopefully) reopen later this year.

Managing Director, Shaun Lamont says that First Group appreciates the challenges that many of their valued staff face; travelling in public transport and often living in very cramped conditions. “This is why our dynamic procurement team were tasked to research the best hygiene solution that not only protected, but also improved the health and prospect of both our staff and guests.”

He adds that this was in addition to incorporating the government recommended and prescribed strategies. “We are providing reusable masks with filters, face shields, desk screens, elbow and foot-controlled sanitiser dispensers, in addition to hiring additional and dedicated staff and providing fogging equipment for the sanitising of public areas and apartments (along with full PPE attire). We are also finalising generous educational content for our people to help each of them understand all there is to know about Covid-19 and the importance of preventative measures.”

But that’s not all. First Group have also sourced a fully certified, new generation, completely natural antibacterial bioflavonoid sanitiser, Organic Fresh, which is proven to enhance health, attack bacteria and even some viruses, acting as a powerful germ killer. “Although First Group do not support sanitisation tunnels which disperse chemicals and can potentially be harmful to eyes and to respiratory function when inhaled, we believe we have found a true health-enhancing alternative,” Lamont explains.

He says that Organic Fresh was formulated by Dr. Francois Lategan from complex flavonoids of natural botanical origin which have demonstrated over decades the ability to disrupt the normal functioning of “bad” microorganisms causing them to ultimately die.

Having been subjected to very strict regulatory quality control measures, every ingredient in the Organic Fresh solution has been listed as safe by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), certified as fully organic by CERES, devoid of chemical content by CERES (EUROFIN Germany), certified as food safe by that South African Department of Health, safety approved by The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), and also approved by South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) as a fungicidal and bacterial disinfectant. “This is in addition to being rated up to the strength of hospital grade sanitiser despite being completely non-toxic,” Lamont says.

The solution has been shown as completely safe for use outside and inside and on humans and does not have a build-up effect, but instead is expected if nothing else to naturally assist the body’s defences against bacteria and certain viruses.

Whilst these initiatives come at a hefty expense, First Group have created Organic Health Passages (which are similar only in appearance to disinfectant tunnels) that will disperse 1% of the natural Organic solution diluted in water through high quality misting nozzles for staff and guests to walk through on arrival at all their properties around the country.

“Although the solution doesn’t claim to destroy the Corona Virus (as nothing currently can), it certainly assists the human body to improve its natural defences and destroys some bacteria and viruses. A little bit like encouraging a healthy diet of fruit and vegetables,” Lamont concludes.