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Bushman’s Nek Berg and Trout Resort

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Horse Riding

At our stunning properties we offer fantastic activities, including horse riding.

When it comes to the perfect getaway, activities and attractions play a big role!

After all, half the fun of getting away is getting to experience something fun and new. We want to be wined, dined, entertained and enthralled! At First Group Resorts, we strive to make magical & lasting memories for everyone, all the time! This is why there are activities and attractions for everyone at each of our fantastic properties countrywide. It’s also no secret that guests flock to our hotels with horse riding. At selected First Group properties, whether on or offsite, our guests enjoy the thrill of horse riding. 

Where can I get the best deal on horseback riding?

When it comes to great deals of horseback riding (and pony rides for the kiddies!), we’ve got you covered!
Choose between our 3 hotels with horse riding:
•    Qwantani 
•    Midlands Saddle & Trout
•    Bushman’s Nek Berg & Trout Resort

Simply contact us on 031 717 7660 or BOOK online – it’s quick and easy!