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Fred First Kids Club

Fun family holidays in South Africa

What is the Fred First Kid's Club?

Kids are our spirit animal at First Group Resorts! That’s why we have the BEST activities and attractions to ensure our kidlets have a smashing time! 
Besides the range of kid-friendly amenities, we offer our pint-sized guests, we also have our Fred First Kids Club. Our friendly mascot, Fred, is a resident at many of our resorts and a special part of the kids' entertainment club, where children can enjoy competitions and fun activities like colouring in, reading, daily dances and more.

Watch this Cool Video of Fred First in action!
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What is the best resort for families?

When it comes to the perfect family getaway, activities and attractions play a big role!
After all, half the fun of getting away is getting to experience new and exciting holiday attractions. Guests want to be wined, dined, entertained and enthralled! And not just the adults, but their little ones too! At First Group Resorts, we strive to make magical & lasting memories for everyone, all the time! This is why we have resorts with kids’ clubs! And it’s also why there are activities and attractions for everyone at each of our fantastic properties countrywide. Our very own kids’ entertainment club, Fred First, has proven to be an undisputed success. Our mascot, Fred, is a resident at most of our family holiday resorts and hotels in South Africa. Fred leads competitions and activities like colouring in, reading, daily dances, and other fun activities.

Once you have joined the Club you will receive a Fred Goodie Bag (valued at R325) that consists of:

  • Drawstring Bag
  • Membership
  • Lanyard
  • T-Shirt
  • Activity Book
  • Crayons
  • Mini Fred
  • Sticker
  • Headband


Best kids’ club resorts!

Our Kids’ Entertainment Club - Fred First - is an important offering at our holiday getaways!
Following are the Fred First Best kids’ club resorts:



The kids’ entertainment club will ensure that your little ones feel special and taken care of!
Choose one of our amazing resorts countrywide and BOOK TODAY!